Raccoon Carnival Band!

The Raccoon Carnival at the Lake City Dance

Who is this for?
– The Raccoon Carnival band is all about working on crazy arrangements for contra dances (we’ll be playing the Emerald City Dance in spring 2023) and having a good time! It’s best suited for folks already comfortable playing at dance tempo who have a little experience playing for dances.

Here’s one what one of our multi part tunes looks like on paper :
Growling Old Man with walking line
Growling Old Man with harmony
We also provide fast and slow recordings of all the tunes!

What’s it sound like all together? This!


Where is it? – Phinney Ridge Neighborhood Center in Seattle

When is it? – 2nd and 4th Thursdays, 7-9pm, starting January 12th and running through end of May.

How much does it cost? –  $100 for 4 classes, or $30 per drop in class

What are the COVID precautions? –  To help keep the band healthy and safe for all participants, all band members must be vaccinated (exceptions made for those with health conditions that preclude vaccination) and wear n95/kn95 masks in class. We also run a HEPA filter in the classroom.

Have questions or want to register and get advance access to the tunes? Email Sarah here!

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