Photo by Denis Box

Photo by Denis Box


“She’s not just young fleet fingers; she has a real feel for the dynamics and drama, AND the history that makes it make sense as music…I’m not really crazy about young people who can play a bunch of licks, but I’m terrifically impressed when someone knows so much music.” – Review of Sarah’s performance at NW Folklife by Chico Schwall

Sarah was fortunate to learn from previous generations of old time fiddlers in the Pacific Northwest and is proud to carry that music on to audiences everywhere from the Northwest Folklife Festival and Benaroya Hall. She recreates the music of the 1800s for living history museums such as the Job Carr Cabin and Fort Nisqually, and in more recent history, was listed in the Top Ten Best Local Musicians for Evening Magazine’s Best of the Northwest 2014.


Photo by Jennifer Lind

I began to ask why do we tell stories? What drives people of every time and place to gather together, whether it’s around the primal fires of ancient caves or prime time television, for this shared experience of story? And what do the stories we tell, tell about us– Excerpt from Telling Stories by Sarah Comer

A gifted storyteller, Sarah has brought new life to old tales at the annual Bonfires Beaver Pelts and Boogeymen Halloween storytelling event, Pioneer Days, and most recently her one-woman show Telling Stories, where she explored common themes in folktales and the ways storytelling has changed – and in other ways stayed the same – across the centuries.

Photo by Doug Plummer

Folk Art Facilitator

“…and tonight was especially delightful… playing music and watching Sarah orchestrate a disparate crowd of relative strangers of all ages into a cohesive dancing whole…”  – Greg B.,  Member of the Dusty Strings Dance Band

Whether it’s music, storytelling or dance, Sarah believes the greatest thing about the folk arts is how they bring people of all ages and backgrounds together. In a world of Twitter and selfies, Sarah’s mission is to help people to take a step away from the smart phone and towards their neighbors by facilitating community through the arts. If you’d like some folk dancing taught in your neighborhood let her know.