Online Summer Workshop!

Since we’re all missing our usual fiddle camps this year, I’ve started an online series modeled after my week long summer camp classes. Each week we’ll learn a tune that will help us explore a different major key (starting with C major and working our way up to A major) then go through the modes to help you understand the whiny twang of mixolydian, the mysterious intervals of harmonic minor, and everything in between! We’ll break down different tune types (jig, reel, polka, waltz, etc) and use these tunes as a way to explore how music theory makes learning the tunes faster and easier, and play around some bowing and embellishments. Class meets Thursday nights 7:45-9:15 (with a 15 minute social hour/make sure your camera settings are working time at 7:30). If you’d like more information email me at !

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